Human Resources

The Human Resources Directorate achieves employment by hiring administrative and academic staff who are specialists in their fields, to reach the goals and corporate strategic missions of developing and University. All manner of Human Resources (HR) is modernly applied to maintain the high satisfaction of the employees.

Provided Services

To develop and secure the environment of employee’s performance and motivation in-service training is planned and provided accordingly to their needs.

human resources

Fields of Work

The function of evaluating and archiving received applications works parallel with the need of administrative and academic staff, which is specified through job advertisements. Interviews and employment is arranged according to the Employment Rules & Regulations. HR evaluates and follows functions of employee personal rights, contracts, immigration permissions, health reports and unpaid leave applications.

Job Application

Cyprus International University Human Resources is the strategic business partner of all academic and administrative units, which serves as a pioneer in all recruitment processes in accordance with the principles of the institution in order to attract qualified human resources. Academic and Administrative job applications are accepted through the HR system. You can apply for an open position by filling out the application form in the system. 

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Open Positions

There are no open positions at the moment.


Human Resources
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