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Cyprus International University (CIU)

Cyprus International University comprises 10 undergraduate faculties and 7 vocational schools, providing 56 undergraduate and 15 associate degree programmes, and an Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, providing 35 master’s degree and 15 doctorate programmes.

With the understanding of producing, spreading and utilizing global information and possessing worldwide recognized diplomas for its programs, CIU is an educational institution with numerous academic publications in recognized international journals.

With its  16,132 students from 105 different countries and almost 500 experienced academicians from 33 different countries, Cyprus International University is the international education center of North Cyprus.

Possessing a campus area of  900,000 m2, Cyprus International University is formed of numerous buildings designed with a contemporary architectural approach, in a secure, clean and green environment.    

With 52,000 m2 of education area, 8,500 m2 of open and closed social areas, 22,500 m2 of sports area and 6,000 m2 of laboratory areas, Cyprus International University is a real campus university. It presents a life experience interbedded with nature within a green campus medium.

Presenting double major and minor means to its students, Cyprus International University is also providing integrated PhD programs for those students who wish to directly continue with their academic career following their undergraduate education.  In addition to these, CIU students also have the chance to continue their fourth year education abroad in England at University of Sunderland or University of Wolverhampton, after completing their first three years of education.

Cyprus International University does not only attach importance to the students’ academic development, but it also cares for their cultural and social development. 

Presenting a colourful and active campus life to the students with various social, cultural and sportive activities organized all the year round, Cyprus International University accomodates the biggest integrated sports complex in the Middle East with a total rea of 22,500 m2, 15,000 m2 open and 7,500 m2 closed. 

Cyprus International University is a university with the sole target of rendering its students with a vision, equipping them with innovative and creative ideas, conveying them settled leadership qualifications.