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About the process of Diploma Postal Shipping

Dear Graduate Candidate/ Alumni,
We have started a new procedure for the delivery of diplomas to our valued students who will graduate in 2018-2019 Academic Year Spring Semester and / or after Summer School. 
We aim to deliver the diploma for the graduates of the spring semester; after the final exams, the make-up and / or re-sit  exams or the summer school to your home  by ‘A Cargo’ in the most reliable  way taking into consideration that you  may have time limitation on your  return to your home.
Graduate Candidates / Alumni who want to benefit from this service, they must visit “the Registrar’s Office”.
Our Registrar’s Office and the cargo company that we will cooperate with will follow the whole process respectively and sensitively.
After the shipping process started, all the responsibility will be between the cargo company and the person who will take the delivery.