About the Department

The bioengineering PhD program prepares students to become leading researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs. The program provides knowledge breadth in engineering and the biological sciences and knowledge depth in the student’s area of research interest. Program aims to educate academicians who will be able to participate to the national and international projects related with bioengineering.

Scientists in Bioengineering have made countless revolutionary advances that have changed the way people live. Now it is time to combine engineering principles with biology. Research in Bioengineering will strengthen our understanding of the basic principals of biological and environmental systems, create novel solutions to today's health and environmental problems, and open new avenues for technological innovation.

Education Opportunities

By learning to advance both engineering and biological knowledge, it is anticipated that the graduates will be well prepared for leadership careers in academia and industry related to biotechnology, medicine, and other emerging fields based on biological technology. The curriculum consists of technical elective courses, a seminar and a thesis. These courses are chosen by a student in consultation with his/her course advisor and can be selected from PhD course offerings in bioprocess engineering, nanotechnology, biological materials, drug delivery systems, cancer biology and biotechnology. Research methods course offered to the students to improve their research abilities. A supervisor who is expert in his/her field is assigned for each students and assists the student in preparing his/her seminar and in designing a plan of study that creates a cohesive degree program with a concentration in a particular bioengineering focus area. Students carry out their experiments in modern laboratories equipped with high technology equipments.

Career Areas

The PhD program is ideal for professionals seeking greater depth in several areas of bioengineering who wish to enhance their foundation for being a researcher, lecturer or manager in designing biological technologies and in other fields related with bioengineering.

To develop international projects and accelerate research and development facilities in our country, Biotechnology Research Centre (BRC) was established. The activities of this center are in the fields of Cancer biology, microbiology and environmental sciences. BRC carries out projects with international partners as Imperial College and University of Oxford. Bioengineering PhD students will be supported to have parts in these projects and improve themselves. By this way they would be highly experienced scientists and would also help to our society in the fields of cancer, microbiology and environment.


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