Universities are important as they have distinctive privileges and advantages within an international platform in the TRNC. Students coming from different countries are shareholders in one of the academic world’s tertiary educational establishments.

Based on this understanding, our target is to educate individuals who are competent in science, are self-confident, knowledgeable, and not anxious about their future. In this globalized world, various compulsory changes occur in universities’ positions and targets as competition in all sectors has made it necessary to undertake reforms in education and improvement in the foundation of, and overhaul of, human relations.

All alterations and facilities that form the basis of an academic world such as modern classrooms, lecture rooms, and technical equipment are utilized in our Faculty. We have attained an identity as a university ready to undertake global competition with the conclusion of the overhaul in academic programs and the acquisition of outstanding academic staff.

In addition to our educational services we are aware of our national responsibility as we are considered to represent our national identity. Being aware of this important and heavy responsibility, we prepare long-term study plans and programs supported by the organizing and planning of the Board of Trustees and the Rector.

Prof. Dr. Metin KARADAĞ

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences