Immigration Procedure

The issues about student permit and/or fine to the foreigner students who expired their visa have been reorganized by our ministry and it is necessary to act within the framework of the stated rules below.

  1. According to the Circular dated October 1, 2009 and the general guidelines that changed this circular, the exemption of the fine for those who can submit their student ID cards or student certificates will be terminated as of September 30, 2018. After the specified date, the penalties stated in chapter 105 of the Foreigners and Immigration Law will be applied to those who do not have a valid student permit in their passport except for the exceptional circumstances written in this circular.
  2. If the students, who have left a school or university for any reason or those who have graduated from a university, leave the country in 60 days starting from the date that they left their school or graduated, will be exempted from fine. However,
    1. For the students who will stay in the country for their postgraduate education, the duration mentioned above is extended to 90 days.
    2. High school or University students whose student permit is cancelled by the Immıgration Office have to leave the country within 7 days starting from the day after they have been informed of the cancellation decision.
  3. The students, who are eligible to attend a TRNC university and have come to our country for registration, are given 90 days visa provided that they document the situation.
  4. Beginning and ending dates of student permit is the last day of September (e.g. 30.09.2017-30.09.2018). For the students who will register for the first time, beginning date of student permit will be considered as the registration day.
  5. To the students who are not Turkish citizens, student permit will be given on the condition that they have a medical report from a laboratory which is verified by Ministry of Health.
  6. The implementation of student permit will be carried out according to the “protocol about the implementation of health reports of foreign inhabitants who are in TRNC temporarily” dated 16.12.2016 and according to the principles that are stated in the circular letter dated 3 April and numbered 3/2017 except from the exceptional cases mentioned in item 6 in relation to health checks.
  7. Student permit is formed for maximum one year every time.
  8. If a student enters the country with a passport, student permit is stamped on his/her passport. In case the student enters the country with an id card although having his/her passport with him/her, he/she is required to get in touch with police and the entrance stamp is transferred to the passport. For the students who enter the country with a passport and their passport expires in Cyprus, their new passports can be stamped.
  9. The students who exceed the duration of their visa given to them at the time of the entry to the country and who register for the first time after this date (new registered students) are not given a student permit.

    NB:Students do not get visa penalty and can get student permit in some unpredicted situations that occur out of the will of people such as being legal prisoner or illness, provided that they prove it.

  10. Foreign students are required to submit the following documents when they apply for student permit;
    1. Passport copy
    2. Medical report
    3. Student certificate
    4. Student permit fee receipt
    5. A photocopy of the title deed of the residental address (house) or a sales contract or a rental agreement. If the student stays in the residence hall, the official letter must be taken from the university or institution to which the residence hall belongs.
    6. The document which shows the entrance to and exit from TRNC
    7. 1 passport size photo
  11. Universities can apply to the legal authority for student permit with the documents stated in the 12. item. However, in collective student permit applications to be made in this way, the documents for the first semester have to be submitted until the end of December and for the second semester the deadline is the end of April. The student permit applications through universities will not be accepted after these dates.