Residence Halls

CIU has 17 on-campus residence halls to satisfy the lodging needs of its students. Residence halls are high quality buildings equipped with comfort in mind, and designed specifically to provide the students a peaceful and secure environment where they can study comfortably.

All residence hall rooms have free unlimited internet access, LCD TV, access to cable TV channels, a desk and chair, book shelves, a wardrobe, a bed, a mini-refrigerator, and a telephone line for incoming and outgoing on-campus calls as well as incoming off-campus calls.

CIU residence halls are categorized as studios and apartment type halls. Studio type residence halls are comprised of one person, two person and four person rooms, which are offered under economy packages that include annual fees for dining hall meal plan, on-campus lodging, and academic tuition fees. The accommodation available in Cyprus International University is one of the many advantages of studying here. We provide a welcoming environment with a wide variety of rooms in over 17 different residence halls. Our on-campus accommodation offers a fantastic choice of living, all which provides a safe, secure and sociable start to the university experience.

Fully furnished rooms with unlimited broadband connection, LCD TVs with access to cable TV channels and mini-fridges, Residence Halls of the University are a home and a haven, offering a unique environment where students can find their lifelong friends, create amazing memories and fulfill their dreams. Studio Type Residence Hall Soli is at the service of students with its ultra-modern architecture and single/ double rooms fully furnished to provide the comfort found only at a 5-star hotel. What makes Soli different is that all rooms have wall-towall carpeting, air conditioning, elevator and rooms specially designed for physically handicapped students.

Apartment type residence halls are made up of two bedroom and three bedroom apartments. In addition to the bedrooms, the apartments include a living room, and a fully equipped kitchen where students can cook their own meals.

Residence halls are conveniently located on campus, within three minutes’ walking distance to classrooms, library, bookshop, the sports complex CIU Arena, and the Student Union Center which houses the restaurants, cafeterias, and the student dining hall. Communication services provided on campus include unlimited and free access to internet, pay phones, as well as telephone lines for communication within and between residence halls, and incoming calls from off-campus.

With a capacity to accommodate 3454 students, the residence halls offer students a perfect environment where they can improve their English by practicing it with their friends from 90 different countries, and thus get to know new cultures, live new experiences, and build lifelong friendships.

Each hall is unique in both character and design, and with such a variety of options it is difficult to convey fully their range and atmosphere. Residence Halls of the University are categorized as studios and apartment type halls where Studio Type Residence Halls include single, double and quadruple occupied room options offering the opportunity to encounter people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, to develop social skills and widen intellectual horizons.

As provided for by the Fidelity Program, students continuing to reside on campus during their studies will qualify for higher rates of discount on their housing fees.


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