Frequently Asked Questions

IT Servıces

What is CIU-NET Account ?

It is an identity and access tool provided to all students and staff of Cyprus International University (CIU). This account allows students and staff to log in to all systems, automation and portals offered by the University's IT Center with a single username and password. The systems and portals that you can access with your CIU-NET account are:

  • Student Information System (SIS)

  • Webmail

  • Moodle

  • Intranet

  • Share Portal

  • Electronic Document Management System (EBYS)

  • Library Remote Database Access Portal

How can I change my CIU-NET account password ?

Academic & Administrative Personnel

  1. Click on the 'Forgot Password - Staff' link from the "" address.

  2. Fill in the information and click the 'Continue' button. If your information does not match the information in the system, you should contact the Human Resources Unit.

  3. The code sent as a text message to the mobile phone number entered into the system by the Human Resources Directorate is available in the appropriate place on the screen.

  4. You can change the password by opening it in a way to change the properties of the new password to be determined and pressing the 'Continue' button.


  1. Click on the 'Forgot Password - Student' link from the "" address.

  2. Enter the student number and the last two digits of the mobile phone number entered in the system. The code received as a text message is written in the appropriate place on the screen.

  3. You should contact the Registrar's Office if your details do not match those in the system.

  4. Candidate students can use the verification code on the approved application form and click on the 'Continue' button.

  5. The new password to be determined is written in a way to meet the conditions below and the password is changed by click the 'Continue' button.


Long and complex passwords increase security. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points when renewing your passwords;

  • Password length must be at least 10 characters.
  • Must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.
  • Must be different from your previous 2 passwords.
  • Cannot contain Turkish characters.
  • Must contain special characters (e.g. !;#$).
What is EBYS ?

It is the system that enables the exchange of documents and information in an electronic environment.


You can log on to with your CIU-NET account.


How can I access library databases remotely ?

Electronic databases subscribed to by our university can be accessed both on and off campus.


There is no need to make any settings on the computers to be used on campus.


The computers to be used outside the campus can be accessed with the CIU-NET account after making the necessary settings in the browser.


You can access from

What is Student Information System (SIS) ?

SIS is a web-based system which allows students of CIU to monitor their academic progress, grades, courses and other academic information. SIS offers a number of features that academics and students can use for various purposes. Some of these features are ;


Academic Staff

  • University academics can create exams for student assessment purposes.
  • Academics can keep course content up to date and provide students with the latest information.
  • University academics can take and track attendance to assess student participation.
  • University academics can approve courses selected by students during term registration when acting as an advisor.
  • Academics can manage and list the postgraduate juries of students assigned to them.
  • Academics can measure student success in the courses they have taken using the Accreditation module.


  • Students can register for new courses or withdraw from the courses they are enrolled in. They can request additional courses or apply for withdrawal from a course. They can access course and exam schedules.

  • Students can view their exam results, homework grades and other academic achievements.

  • Students can communicate with their academic counselors.

  • Students can access their transcripts, student documents and other academic documents.

  • Students can make dormitory preferences and meal package preferences in the dormitory, and make dormitory applications.

  • Students can become a member of clubs within the university.

  • Students can calculate their grades with the CGPA Calculator.

  • Students can calculate their university fees and pay them online.

  • Students can write petitions to units such as Accounting, Registrar's Office, etc. and follow their petitions.

You can log on to with your CIU-NET account.

What is MOODLE ?

It is an educational portal that students and academicians can use for their courses.


Academics and students cannot register for courses themselves. They are automatically enrolled based on the information in the SIS.


You can log in to using your CIU-NET account.


For problems you encounter in the Moodle system, you can contact the Distance Education Center by sending an e-mail to

What is SHARE ?

It is a portal designed for users to share their files securely.


You can log on to with your CIU-NET account. Click here for the user guide.

What is INTRANET ?

It is an internal module that provides various online services to the people working at the CIU through a centralized system. People who have access to INTRANET can find the shortcuts of the services they are authorized to use on this platform, review general announcements and be aware of new features added to the systems.


You can log on to using your CIU-NET account. 

What is WEBMAIL ?

Webmail is the e-mail service provided by the University for Academic / Administrative and Students. This service can be used from anywhere with an internet connection using devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Webmail allows users to send and receive emails for personal or professional purposes. Users can also send files and documents as email using Webmail.


Academic & Administrative Staff can be accessed by using CIU-NET account.

The email address is in the format


Student can be accessed with a CIU-NET account.
The students' address is in the format

How to use wireless network device (WiFi) in dormitory rooms ?

In order to use the personal WiFi device in the residences, the device must have a 'Wired Area Network (WAN)' port input. In addition, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) setting must be enabled on this device.