“Realities hurt when you live in a world of dreams”

In the 2023-2024 Academic Year Spring Semester, Cyprus International University (CIU) Theater Club students shared an invaluable experience with audience members they interacted with making them not only laugh but also think. This has been an important step for the students in stage craft 

The absurdist comedy "Realities hurt when you live in a world of dreams" was meticulously prepared by the club's successful team and staged at Levent Kindergarden.

Theater Club President Gökberk Mutlu stated that the preparation process for the play started in December and that the team worked with great devotion and was very passionate about their work during rehearsals.

Mutlu stated that the team had reading rehearsals, stage rehearsals and various developmental workshops during the process, and added,  "As a team, we carefully thought of every detail necessary to make  the play its best before we performed before  the audience."

Mutlu pointed out that the most remarkable feature of the play was its script was authentic written by director Mehmet Can Perk, and that this allowed the story to be customized in a way that would touch the emotional worlds of the audience.

Mutlu said that theater is accepted as the art of expressing people to people, with people and in a humane way, and said, "We have meticulously handled this basic principle in this play."

Director Perk also said that they aimed to provide an unforgettable experience to the audience by delving into the depths of absurdist comedy, based on the idea that "things that have no explanation are humorous" and added, "The ridiculous stories and absurd situations the characters find themselves in make the audience laugh and think."