A significant contribution from CIU academic to Medical Science

CIU Faculty of Medicine lecturer Prof. Dr. Hamid Soor’s book Errors in Medical Research is published

Cyprus International University Faculty of Medicine lecturer Prof. Dr. Hamid Soori’s book Errors in Medical Reserach has been published by Springer-Nature Publishers.  
The book will serve as a comprehensive guide to researchers and especially medical practitioners, in identifying, controlling and preventing errors in medical research. 

The book consists of approximately 350 pages and 11 chapters. It covers a wide range of topics, such as study design, data collection and analysis, statistical methods, errors in medical procedures, and other methodological issues. The book also includes three appendices that provide guidance on preparing the research proposal, research resources, survey design, interview guidelines, and checking random errors.

Prof. Dr. Soori stated that wirth this book, he  tried to provide practical advice and information about the most common types of medical errors and how to reduce these errors, and also noted that he strived to design an accessible and user-friendly book using clear explanations and examples to improve readers' understanding of complex concepts.

Pointing out that medical research plays a vital role in health services, Soori stated that such research forms the basis of and contributes to the development of new treatments, therapies and diagnostic tools.

Soori also pointed out that the accuracy and validity of medical research depends on the quality of research design, data collection, analysis and interpretation, and concluded by saying,  "This book aims to help researchers reduce or eliminate different types of medical errors in research."