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U.N. Sustaınable Development Goals

Decent Work and Economic Growth
Responsible Consumption and Production


  • Eastern Mediterranean University Economics (PhD, 2016)
  • Eastern Mediterranean University Mathematics (Master, 2008)
  • Eastern Mediterranean University Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Undergraduate, 2005)

Articles published in peer reviewed international journals (SCI,SSCI,Arts and Humanities)

  • Determinants of CO 2 emissions in Brazil and Russia between 1992 and 2011: A decomposition analysis - 2011
  • CO2 emissions in Iran for 1990–2010: A decomposition analysis - 2010
  • Factors Affecting Germany's Green Development: A Comprehensive Environmental Analysis

Papers presented in international conferences and printed as proceedings

  • The Sectoral Decomposition of CO2 Emissions for China and India over 1980-2010 - 2010
  • The Sectoral Decomposition of CO2 Emissions for Turkey and Iran over 1990-2010. - 2010
  • A decomposition analysis of Iran's CO2 emissions during 1980'2010 - 2010
  • Historical Evolution of Eco-feminism and Practices from Turkey
  • Impact of Privatization on Workers: The Case of Cyprus Turkish Airlines
  • The Environmental Cost of the Economic Growth: Determinants of CO2 Emissions in Turkey and Iran.
  • The First Step Towards Sustainable Economic Development: Decomposition of CO2 Emissions.
  • What Are the Dynamics of Co2 Emissions in Upper ' Middle Income Countries? A Case Study For China, Iran And Turkey

Articles published in other peer reviewed international journals

  • The Environmental Cost of Economic Growth: The Determinants of CO2 Emissions in Turkey and Iran
Thesis Supervision

Master Thesis Supervised

  • Improving Employee's Performance Through Motivation: Case Study for Cratos Premium Hotel (North Cyprus) and Queens Hotel (Nigeria) - Obianuju Helen Izunwanne (2017) - 2017
  • Impact of Publicity on Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty and Brand Equity: Case Study on Air Tanzania Company Limited. Alice Peter (2017). - 2017
  • Impacts of Foreign Direct Investments on Economic Growth of UAE. Bilal Salisu Yakubu (2017). - 2017
  • Social Media Marketing: A Case Study of Nigeria - Dagnote Groups. Olabanji Olatunbosun Oladimeji, 2017. - 2017
  • Impacts of Workers Participation in Management Decision Making on Organizational Productivity: A Case Study of Premium Foods Company - Gael Mazina Kandonda
  • Employee Relations and its Impact on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Lemar Supermarket in North Cyprus - Bashir Omotola Takiyat
  • Factors Affecting the Promotion of Women to Senior Management Positions in the Accounting Profession in Zambia: A Case Study of KPMG LTD - Mambwe Kukena Mayondi
Research Areas
  • Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Gender, Labor Market, Poverty